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Ban - SlitWrist - KowalskiXCIX - 05-11-2020

This is our first, and hopefully ONLY Server ban. 

The player, SlitWrist, was breaking our number one rule. 

1. Respect all staff.
- Any disrespect will be met with respect on our part, but we reserve the right to remove players that are not civilized and polite.

He was originally making suggestions that we were willing to listen to and work with. After less than a week of playing on the server (Server hasn't been up for a week as of this post), those suggestions became hostile demands. After a slew of insults he started calling the server owner a liar because we have listed in our server description that we have the factions plugin, but it wasn't configured to SlitWrist's desires. 

While we accept and promote player suggestions and advice, we absolutely do NOT tolerate the amount of disrespect that was shown during this interaction. We will always do our best to prevent disrespect from/towards staff and players. We will do our best to continue keeping this community free from any hostility and toxicity. 

After permanently banning SlitWrist, he logged back on with an alternate account with which he threatened the server, showing disrespect to the owner and staff.
[Image: pc5rBjj.png] 
We hope we don't have to make this hard decision again, we don't harbor any hard feelings against SlitWrist, and wish him well.