New MC Survival Server

-It's Here!-
iByte's new Minecraft survival server is now up to date with 1.16!!
One of the biggest questions when considering a new server, is, "What does this have to offer?" I'm going to break this up for anyone that is interested.
We are running a Paper Spigot server, which means the server is very optimized and very lightweight. It's hosted on a beefy dedicated server, collocated in a fiber-lit datacenter in California. A lag-free environment is our goal for this server.
The Minecraft server itself also has a bunch of plugins. Below is a breakdown of what we've decided to add.


We include the factions plugin in our server, but our primary focus is survival. Players can claim land to prevent griefing, but due to popular demand by players on the server, overclaiming and raids are disabled. This is NOT a hardcore factions server.
We are currently running SaberFactions
A big favorite of ours is mcMMO. Players can level up skills and unlock perks, such as cutting entire trees down in one swing.
We are currently running mcMMO
XConomy & SignShop
We are currently running XConomy and SignShop. There will be new shops in our spawn very soon, make sure to check the map, they'll be listed!
We are currently running XConomy and SignShop
Recommended Additions
We recommend installing Optifine and playing with Shaders and Resource Packs!
-- Kowalski's Personal Favorites ---
Shaders - Sildurs Vibrant Shaders (High Preset)
Resource Pack - Sphax Pure BD Craft
-How to Join-
Currently, we just have our one Survival server up. 
We are looking at adding additional servers for people who would like to play with mods and people who would like to play on a snapshot updated, vanilla server.
For now, just connect to

While we will do our best to moderate and prevent harassment, griefing, racism, and general toxic behavior, we cannot be everywhere at once.
Any concerns or issues can be reported directly to any admin or moderator in-game or on the forum.

We want to make this a fun community, and user input is vital to our success. If anybody has ideas, suggestions, comments, complaints, or concerns, let us know.
We believe the only way to grow is to listen to the community and let the users decide the direction we expand in.
Your input is invaluable.

We may update posts like this from time to time, so we highly suggest you join our forum!

I hope you have a great time playing on our servers, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in-game!

Join our discord!

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