Changelog - iByte Survival

This will be the changelog for the iByteGaming Minecraft Survival Server. We will post the most recent changes at the top.

  • Updated server to 1.16.5
  • Fixed back end issues
  • Fixed issue where players were not able to connect.

  • We are aware of an issue which caused all Villagers for some players to despawn, we are looking into this currently
  • Added both spider types to the Entity Limiter
  • Reduced Max entities allowed to spawn from a Mob Spawner in each chunk from 20 to 10
  • Slightly lowered the XP gained from using Tree Feller from MCMMO
  • Re-added XP grouping to prevent the lag that is caused from Tree Feller, (Looking into ways to allow the End Dragon to bypass this so players can split the XP)

  • Fixed an issue where Elytra's were speed limited causing major stuttering
  • Updated McMMO to the premium version, still needs some tuning
  • Some McMMO Tuning.
  • Nether Roof is now controlled through a plugin that teleports the player beneath roof level
  • Paper’s built in nether roof feature is turned off.

  • Lag Update
  • MASSIVE overhaul of Server Thread usage
  • Added a new plugin that help entity pathfinding to help mitigate lag caused by large farms
  • Changed Max hopper transfer limiter
  • Changed Max speed of entities and players
  • Changed Max entities in one chunk to help mitigate lag
  • Changed Max entity breeding within a radius to help mitigate lag caused by large farms
  • Changed Max dispenser rate
  • Changed Max entity natural spawning
  • Performance improvements with chunk rendering
  • Performance improvements with mob pathfinding
  • Added a new warps GUI plugin
  • Added a new homes GUI plugin
  • Added Advanced Portals Plugin
  • Updated tons of files to match 1.16
  • Added Honeycomb to the shop
  • Added a daily vote reminder
  • Added a Server-Icon
  • Added a new chest sorting plugin
  • Capped MCMMO excavation level to 500

12/19/2020 (Second Wave)
  • New Nether Roof plugin to replace the current one which was causing issues
  • Disabled /f wild (Factions built in version of /wild)
  • Fixed an issue with players unable to use /spawn in the Nether & End
  • Removed aliases /updates, /website, /discord, /enchantslist, & /shops
  • Render distance turned back down to default value of 8
  • Added 1.16 items to the anti-xray list (Nether Scrap)
  • Performance improvements to help with tick lag
  • Fixed Voting plugin.
  • X-Ray tuning Wink
  • Turned on the option that allows new rendered chunks to have a flat bedrock bottom
  • Added the ability to Shift-Right Click a player to send the “Trade” request
  • Changed max distance of /wild from 50K to 100K
  • Updated /wild notifications to the player
  • Updated the Sign Shop config to allow future command signs/utilities such as repair for purchase
  • Fixed an issue in the new Anti Nether Roof plugin which would freeze players inside the bedrock layers.

12/19/2020 (First Wave)
  • Official Public Release
  • Added Auto Restart Script & Plugin
  • Added Anti Nether Roof Plugin
  • EVEN MORE Anti Cheat Tuning
  • Tons of Back End Changes & Fixes
  • Added an AFK Timer
  • Added 5 Second Cooldown for Warping
  • Removed warping and /wild in the Nether and End
  • Changed Teleportation Logic
  • Removed the ability to Warp & Home between different worlds.
  • Fixed /Wild causing players to access the top of the Nether
  • Fixed /Wild causing players to warp to dangerous areas

  • Fixed a LOT of Anti-Cheat issues
  • Fixed a LOT of back-end Server STUFF
  • Performance Upgrades, Less Lag Smile
  • Removed Nekobyte

  • Changed pricing on most shops to help balance the economy more, Increase Sell prices for all Foods. Decreased prices for Mob Spawners (Thanks Nate)
  • Fixed an issue with a warp where players couldn’t access the regular /shop (Thanks Nate)
  • Added a ( /enchantslist ) command for a list of the enchants that GE adds. (Thanks Nate)
  • Added /shops to show the list of shops.
  • Anti-Cheat Tuning.
  • Added ( /updates ) for a link to the iByte Wesbite Changelog.
  • Fixed issues with the Better Repair plugin.
  • Changed the prices and GUI layout for Better Repair plugin.

  • Added ANTI-CHEAT.
  • Anti-Cheat Major Tuning.
  • Changed Spawn Hologram Text.
  • Added the G-Sit Plugin (/gsit, /sit, /lay, /crawl, /swim)

  • Added Ender Pearls, Blaze Rods, Nether Star, and Elytra for selling with very low sell price (Preventing major abusive farming).
  • Reduced Iron Price and Gold price for selling, (Preventing major iron golem farms and gold farming in the nether)

  • Removed Ender Pearls, Blaze Rods, Nether Star, Dragon Head, Shulker Boxes, End Rods, and Elytra from being able to be sold, will adjust prices to still allow selling maybe, but will be a significant waste to sell to help abuse of grinding farms (making them essentially not worth the grind)
  • Removed the ability to claim in the End.

  • Finished up the shops as they are ready for use.
  • Changed pricing on the Mob Grindable drops and stuff that makes players too much money way too fast making it over powered. This will help balance the difference between pure vanilla players and hardcore shop users.
  • Reset the main End island/End dragon.

  • Increased View Distance to 16
  • Changed XP grouping distance from 6 to zero to split ender dragon kill evenly.
  • Changed the Spawn Config to spawn mobs less & more frequently, but more towards the vanilla experience.
  • Fixed kits and added for all the proper groups.
  • Added Shulker Boxes, Trapped Chests, and Barrels to "Bypass Mode" in factions, meaning they can be opened by anyone regardless if enemy/friend
  • Started work on the new Shops. /blacksmith, /mob, /food, /shop, /music

  • Fixed player data not being saved

  • Updated to MC 1.16.4
  • Added WorldGuard Regions for Spawn
  • Set spawn points for groups
  • Added Command Buttons
  • Started working on the Shop
  • Dropped tables for mcmmo
  • Dropped tables for money
  • Dropped tables for homes
  • Added Command Signs
  • Deleted current home and homes plugin
  • Added Holograms

  • Added /wild (enabled, still tweaking)
  • Added /spawn
  • Fixed an issue where if a new player died before setting a spawn or faction spawn, they would return to the "bot box" and have to click the leave button to return to the main world
  • Added Shop
  • Added /shop, /worth commands
  • Configured Anti Cheat
  • Fixed Java error
  • Fixed a massive chunk loading process which would put the server behind by thousands of ticks

  • Added /wild (disabled for now)
  • Added /afk
  • Added /r or /reply
  • Bug fixes
  • MCMMO level caps set
         - Unarmed disabled for PVP     
               - Sword and Ax skills capped at level 100     
               - All other skills capped at level 1000
  • Performance issues fixed
  • Mob spawns balanced, rate based on how many players are online
  • Lightning enabled

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