Changelog - iByte Survival

This will be the changelog for the iByte Survival Minecraft Server. I will post the most recent changes at the top.

  • Added /wild (enabled, still tweaking)

  • Added /spawn

  • Fixed an issue where if a new player died before setting a spawn or faction spawn, they would return to the "bot box" and have to click the leave button to return to the main world.

  • Added Shop

  • Added /shop, /worth commands

  • Configured Anti Cheat

  • Fixed Java errors

  • Fixed a massive chunk loading process which would put the server behind by thousands of ticks

  • Added /wild (disabled for now)

  • Added /afk

  • Added /r or /reply

  • Bug fixes

  • MCMMO level caps set
         - Unarmed disabled for PVP     
               - Sword and Ax skills capped at level 100     
               - All other skills capped at level 1000
  • Performance issues fixed

  • Mob spawns balanced, rate based on how many players are online

  • Lightning enabled

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