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Rules - iByte Survival

iByteGaming Survival Rules

1. Respect all staff.
- Any disrespect will be met with respect on our part, but we reserve the right to remove players that are not civilized and polite.

2. No hacked clients or Xray is allowed.

3. No Griefing
- Our primary focus is on survival. This is not a hardcore factions server.

4. In-game staff reserve the right to make moderation calls in-game.
- Any abuse of this can be reported on our forums and will be investigated throughouly. We want to create a healthy, thriving community, and we do not condone disrespect from or towards our staff.

5. Have fun!
- In this ever-changing environment, our primary goal is the fun that comes with playing on our servers. If you have an idea that might improve gameplay, benefit the community, or just make our servers more fun to play on, LET US KNOW! We happily accept all suggestions and requests. We can't promise we'll incorperate all ideas, but we do promise to seriously consider all requests that come our way!

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